Saturday, March 28, 2020

repairing the real world-- a real life example of tikkun olam

A faithful viewer of Photographer's Diary writes:
"I do a lot of volunteering for an NGO, Mano a Mano. Here in Minnesota we sort and ship medical supplies that would otherwise have been thrown away.
The last time I sorted I went through a box of masks, 2x2 gauze sponges etc. all mixed up together. 
These things are shipped to Cochabamba, Bolivia. 

Twice this week we volunteers have received email stories.  In Cochabamba right now one can only leave home in morning hours on a day that matches one's ID card number. Two staff in Cochabamba were given police escort to warehouse to find N95 masks. 

Today the story is about a truck that showed up from Potosi at 1:45 am in Cochabamba looking for medical supplies. Pull up a map of Bolivia and try to envision that trip on gravel roads. 

Makes all the tedious work here seem very worthwhile."