Sunday, May 21, 2017

the dreaming

 The Dreaming is written into the land itself.
Through the Dreaming we are taught knowledge of plants and animals, to us many of the flowering plants are treated as signs of animals available to hunt, fish about to appear, fruits about to ripen; the movement of the stars foretells the changing of weather, the birth of animals, the time for ceremony and gatherings.

The Dreaming completely surrounds us, we are shown proof of it everyday. It’s not some old book written thousands of years ago, it is the living world itself. The Dreaming belongs to every Aboriginal person - it isn’t the sacred property of a few priests/rabbis/imams, it is the property of everyone - every ceremony, every right, every tradition, every bit of knowledge is destined to be known to an individual sometime within their lifetime.

The Dreaming was not designed to be just practised one day a week, or to only be turned to only in times of need - it is designed to be lived in every moment, and to shield you from those times of need. It serves as a guide to day-to-day life, a guide to the spiritual side of life.

~Aboriginal man Midnight Davies

What we draw on from our memories, and think, imagine and create in our daily lives is our dreaming.

~Djon Mundine, Bundjalung man and Aboriginal Curator

The Flora und Botanischer Garten Köln, Germany

photo: (c) bruce behnke 2017