Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ka'ena Point-- the ultimate jumping off place in the islands

Hawaiian folklore believed O'ahu's Ka'ena Point to be a “jumping off” place for souls. As the land dissolves into the sea the differentiation between earth and ocean, life and death, becomes less distinct. According to Island traditions, when a person is dying, his soul leaves his body. The wandering spirit first arrives at a fishing shrine, known as hauone. There, the fulfillment of one’s worldly obligations is assessed. If all is well, the soul crosses over.
The soul then arrives at Ka'ena Point whereupon death finally occurs. The spirit’s journey continues toward Na ulu o lei walu for final judgment—the good go right, while the bad go left.
Ka'ena Point is a gathering space of spiritual forces. Hawaiians have long held it to be one of their most sacred places, both because of its significance in the soul’s journey and as the site where mortals make the final leap into the realm of the gods.

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