Wednesday, September 26, 2012

old light, new light, seeing light

This is an extreme deep field portrait made by the Hubble Space Telescope.  It shows galaxies so far away that their light has taken 13.2 billion years to reach our eyes, or in this case, the telescope's cameras.  

The light from these events of creation, collision and instinction is just arriving at our planet now.  As we lead our daily existence, this visual record of history is racing toward us from every direction.  

Can we afford to waste even a minute of time as this drama unfolds, from the furthest reaches of the universe to the nearest corner of our own garden, by not paying attention?

Photo credit: NASA, ESA, G. Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch (University of California, Santa Cruz), R. Bouwens (Leiden University), and the HUDF09 Team