Sunday, July 31, 2011


Dreamtime is another way of experiencing time.  

Dreamtime refers to experiences and beliefs conceptualized by the Australian Indigenous people. There are at least four aspects to Dreamtime:

-the beginning of all things 
-the life and influence of the ancestors 
-the way of life and death
-the sources of power in life

Dreamtime includes all of these four facets at the same time, being a condition beyond time and space as known in everyday life. 

The indigenous people of Australia call it the all-at-once time instead of the one-thing-after-another time. This is because they experience Dreamtime as the past present and future coexisting. This condition – is met when the tribal member lives according to tribal rules, and then is initiated through rituals and hearing the myths of the tribe.

The concept of all-at-once time is a fascinating one.  Could we be experiencing a glimpse of it when gaze out over the horizon of the ocean or look at the stars in the universe?